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Brock Morlan and Lisa Clark

As the founders of the Organization for Treating Trauma, Lisa Clark and Brock Morlan are two elementary school principals that are dedicated to making a difference every time they speak. Both are published writers in relation to trauma informed care and trauma sensitive practices as well Certified Trauma Practitioners and who hold a master's degree in educational administration and have spoke to multiple schools and organizations about childhood trauma. They are known for creating an environment of trust and safety in their schools by using "Trauma Informed Care" lens with students and faculty members...creating a stronger sense of community. N.O.T.T. is based out of Rockford, Illinois, but has traveled across the nation presenting, training, and working closely with multiple school districts to improve their schools' academics, behavior, and social/emotional goals.

Case Study (ongoing): In the first year of creating Trauma Informed Schools, two elementary pilot schools from a district of 7,000 students (average) reduced their elementary building's behavior referrals by an average of 51% because of the strategies and training that they have received. They hope to continue this trend as they move into their second phase/year of having a Trauma Informed School. Lisa and Brock spoke to every faculty member in the district for a "Trauma 101" session and then every administrator in a two day session titled: "10 Steps to Creating a Trauma Informed School". Following the training, Lisa and Brock helped to create action plans on how to make this work for each school by addressing strengths and weaknesses as well as Trauma Informed practices that may already be happening. This is just one example of how training can affect every single school or district and what N.O.T.T. can provide. The positive outcomes are endless. Increased academic scores, reduced problematic behaviors, social and emotional growth, as well as a better climate and culture for the faculty AND the students. The time to act is now.

Lisa Clark has a B.S. in Ed., M.S. in Ed. and a Certificate of Advanced Studies in Administration. She has worked at the high school level as a teacher, middle school level as an assistant principal and the elementary level as a principal.  She believes it is critical that we meet the basic needs of children no matter the age or grade level or how callused a student may appear on the exterior; every student has the same needs:  food, shelter along with the components from the Circle of Courage: belonging, mastery, independence and generosity. She is an active member of her district's Leadership Team and Equity Team. 

She has worked with the committee to form new district policies to address equity for the LGBTQ population.  As a result the District was recognized by the Illinois Safe School Alliance with the “Allies of the Year Award.”  She was also selected to work with her Superintendent to present at the Pacific Education Group National Summit in Austin, Texas in 2016 on the topic of, “Leading While White, Courageous Conversations.” She presented on how to approach staff members and train staff to recognize their own racial biographies and “see color” when they are working with diverse student populations.  She believes it is critical for educators to be racially conscious.  The work has led her on a journey that began with self-reflection, growth, inspiration and motivation that continues to allow her to lead and present information regarding the past, the present and the future of systematic racism and inequities that are prevalent in our current society.   She is very passionate about the work she does with children.” She feels the school climate needs to function as a family for every child and staff member throughout the day.  She leads by example in every aspect of her work and believes when there is a need, there is a way.  Lisa lives by the motto, “Every child, every chance, every day.” 


Brock Morlan has a B.S. and M.S. in Ed. and is an elementary school principal, educational consultant, and public speaker. Brock has taught multiple grade levels in elementary school and spent two years as the assistant principal in two elementary buildings. This is his 5th year as the principal at an elementary school in Illinois. He is a Certified Trauma Practitioner in Education and also serves as the head principal on the Student Behavior Committee which reports to the school board. Brock graduated from Illinois State University for his undergraduate degree in education and received his master’s degree in school leadership and administration from Olivet Nazarene University. Brock is married and has 2 daughters. He believes that there is no such thing as a "bad child" and hopes to provide others opportunities to see children through a trauma informed lens.  

Brock serves on the Equity Team, and the district Gender Support Team and believes that the climate we set for our students can make a world of difference. He believes that ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) and the science behind trauma and the brain can help every individual, regardless of age. He feels strongly that we should be training every faculty member in the entire district because everyone has a role in a child's education and life. We can create new neuronal pathways with new positive experiences and protective factors. That is amazing! He believes that it is important to remember that, "People always remember how you make them FEEL."      


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