We offer a FREE  Trauma Needs Assessment before any of the courses are discussed below. All courses can and will be customized for your school and/or district population, audience, and the information gathered from the Needs Assessment. There is no obligation to purchase anything after the assessment. We simply want to point out areas of strength and improvement and how we can help if you choose to use us! 

Trauma Informed Care Academy - March 25th and 26th

Two Days of Hands On Training!

Receive 15 Professional Development Credits (PDCs) for our two day Trauma Informed Academy on March 25th and 26th. 2019 in Rockford, Illinois. Throughout our two day journey we will be providing research based materials and strategies which are easy to implement in your classroom, school, or district. This training will equip you (and your team) with the necessary tools to train others. Participants will analyze their current trauma informed practices and create action plans for future implementation. This academy is valuable to anyone who works with individuals from Pre-K through High School and beyond. Each participant will receive an Implementation Guide ($50 value) as well as electronic copy of all materials covered for future implementation. 


This academy is being held at the Holiday Inn located in Rockford, Illinois (90 miles northwest of Chicago, directly off of Interstate 90) - 7550 E State St. Rockford, IL 61108 - Phone # 815-398-2200). The sessions will run from 8:30 am - 4:30 pm with lunch at noon (on your own) both days. We do take Purchase Orders as well as offer discounts for groups of 5 or more (please call 815-985-3801 for discounted rate/coupon code)

Click Here to Sign Up for Our Academy!

Click Here to Sign Up for Our Academy!

Our Trauma Informed Courses and Trauma Training

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Trauma 101/Trauma Informed Schools

Trauma 101 is a great 60-90 minute introduction to the basic foundations of trauma, ACEs, and toxic stress in the educational environment. Please contact us to inquire about pricing for the trauma 101 course. It is a great introduction to trauma at a SIP/Institute day or in the summer! 

Trauma Informed Schools - This is a course for all school professionals regardless of job title. Professionals who have direct and indirect contact with students will benefit from attending this course. Board of Education, superintendent, principals, secretary, teachers, school social worker, counselor, psychologist, speech and language pathologist, nurse, coach, school volunteers, recess/lunch monitors, paraprofessionals, etc. The 10 steps to create a trauma informed school is presented. It is optional to show the film, Paper Tigers during this training. 

Learning Objectives

Children of Trauma

This is a great course for anyone. This course provides the foundation for understanding childhood trauma and the impact it has on behavior, emotions and learning. (NOTE: Trauma Informed Schools takes the place of Children of Trauma for school settings as Trauma Informed Schools contains some overlap of information). Topics include: 1.) grief versus trauma, 2.) trauma as an experience, 3.) trauma’s impact on the brain and development, 4.) attachment, 5.) how to help. 

Learning Objectives

Structured Sensory Interventions

This course is for clinical professionals working in school or agency settings. This course is for professionals who wish to implement TLC SITCAP® model programs such as Trauma Intervention Program, SITCAP-ART, I Feel Better Now!, What Color Is Your Hurt?, Teen Empowerment. For this course, SGLN recommends that you determine which SITCAP® program you want to teach for implementation and use that program as a guide for your training. You may wish to have each participant purchase the program you are training or you may put together a small collection of activities of the program for the participants to use during the training. (Content from STARR Commonwealth 2018)

Learning Objectives

Healing the Experience of Trauma: A Path to Resilience

This is a great course for anyone who works with children in school or agency settings. Clinical and non-clinical professionals will benefit from this course. This course teaches practitioners how to help their clients not only process the most common themes of trauma but also how to build characteristics of resilience. Topics include: 1.) the psychophysiology of trauma and the polyvagal theory, 2.) Pendulation between trauma and resilience themes, 3.) hands-on activities.

Learning Objectives

Courageous Connections

This trauma informed course is designed for direct care staff, educational consultants, youth specialists, para-educators, counselors, social workers, therapists, administrators, and any other caregivers, professionals, or crisis responders working with young people who exhibit problematic behavior. This course builds upon The Circle of Courage® philosophy; providing a set of skills/tools to be used when intervening with individuals in crisis. Topics include: 1.) values-based treatment & care; 2.) an overview of The Circle of Courage® philosophy; 3.) “Broken Circles” and pain-based behavior; 4.) responding to pain-based behavior; 5.) assessing behavior using a “courageous lens”; and 6.) connecting, clarifying, and restoring.

All Trauma Training is subject to customization to your school and/or district!

Learning Objectives

Courageous Classrooms

This course is designed for educators working with students who exhibit problematic behavior, this course builds upon The Circle of Courage philosophy; providing a framework for implementing its principles in a school setting. Topics covered include: 1.) values-based classroom management practices; 2.) an overview of The Circle of Courage® philosophy; 2.) “Broken Circles” and pain-based behavior; 3.) punishment & reward systems vs. The Circle of Courage; 4.) fostering resilience; 5.) integrating The Circle of Courage® with existing behavior management models; and 5.) characteristics of a “Courageous Classroom


Learning Objectives